Thienfire Android Thienfire IOS


ThienFire is name of Apps Blog which our team, Thien United Corp, build it for large community.

Introducing the ThienFire Apps
Social media and online social networking services help people socialize, make friends, connect anywhere; ThienFire helps people “remove distance, connect love”.

The utilities of ThienFire

Install on Android and IOS platforms.
People can interact with each other through pictures, comments.
Conveying information, spreading the humanistic lessons of society to everyone.
Text, talk to friends, relatives far away.
Make many friends in different countries.
Product designed by Thien Corp United Corp
The product is easy to download for free at google play and app store
The product is compatible with all iPad, desktop, …
The flutter application programming language runs on the computer
Local and international languages, easy user interaction
Users of individuals or organizations can design their own pages to build brands and recommend products to friends and other users.
ThienFire products are always updated with code and built compatible, diverse and secure modules.